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  Product Details
  Belt Loop Blindstitch Machine (with Auto Iron)
Model: S-370-T
Product Class: Blindstitch Machine 
Product Name: Belt Loop Blindstitch Machine (with Auto Iron)

Belt Loop Blindstitch Machine (with Auto Iron)
This new Sakura-Stitch blinstitch machine is mainly used in the business pants production, especially for producing the trouser ears (apllicable from 8mm up to 12mm).

This machine is also equipped with auto knife for ege trimming to remove the unnecessary left overs. Its width can be adjusted in order to meet different requirement of trouser ears' widths.

The new adavanced feeding system allows the machine to feed better.

This machine is also further equiped with automatic ironing device (steam or electronic) to press the trouser ears into specific desired shapes.

Technical Specifications:

Stitch Formation
Single Chainstitch
Maximum Speed
500 s.p.m.
Needle System
LW x 6T (#11, #14)
Length of Stitch
3.2 – 8.5 mm
Skip Mechanism
1 : 1
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