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  Product Details
  Single Needle Compound Feed Lockstitch Machine
Model: S-2244
Product Class: Heavy Duty Sewing 
Product Name: Single Needle Compound Feed Lockstitch Machine

Single Needle Compound Feed Lockstitch Machine

This machine adopts sliding lever take up thread, and double capacity big hook. Equipped with compound feed mechanism, long presser foot stroke and high presser foot liftr together with long stitch length, it can keep no slip between upper and lower materials.

Adopting safety clutch device, it can protect the hook and mechanism when the machine is out of charge. Ths machine is widely used on making heavy duty materials, such as tents, sofa, and suitcases.

Max. Sewing Speed: 2,000 spm
Needle System: DPx17 (#18 - #24)
Max. Stitch Length: 10mm
Needle Bar Stroke: 33.2mm
Thread Take up Stroke: 68.5mm
Presser Foot Lift (Hand): 8.5mm
                         (Knee): 14mm
Rotating Hook: Double Capacity Large Hook

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