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About Us

Sakura-Stitch Garment Machineries Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Foreign joint venture corporation specialized in manufacturing and supply of industrial automated sewing, preparation and finishing equipment in the garment, curtain, leather, shoes and bags industry.

Adopting latest advanced technology of production equipment, under foreign controlled supervision workshop as well as product development that is further supported by high skill quality oriented technical personnel as the basis of our products’ main advantages.

Further strengthening supply chain distributions in different countries across the globe, we work with highly qualified and experienced agents in different countries to distribute our products in their region and also most importantly to provide the local after sales service available when required. In the year 2015, we have also established our branch company in Indonesia in order to provide a better service to the region for a more effective latest product introduction, training, and after sales service supports.

By the year of 2016, we have also developed a new product line of automated workstation to cater the curtain manufacturing industry. Following the increasing demand and expectation in the window covering for both residential homes and corporate offices as well hotels, we have also come up with a complete automated curtain production workstation, a more up-to-date automatic workstations, supported by English spoken after sales technical service will help to cut down manufacturing cost and greatly increase the production efficiency. Products includes automated curtain hemming, curtain joining and curtain tape buckram sewing workstation with automated synchronous conveyor system, programmable curtain pleat sewing machines and state-of-the-art curtain finishing equipment. Further info is available at a dedicated website for the curtain manufacturing industry.